Key contacts:
Robyn Andrishak
Jeffrey Woodward

River ice impacts the hydraulics of rivers and streams throughout much of North America for up to six months per year; however, river ice processes involve highly complex and variable interactions between the atmosphere, flowing water, and solid ice. As a result, some of the most sudden, unpredictable, and hazardous flood events are the result of river ice conditions such as ice jams.

Often the data and tools required to accurately quantify significant ice affected flow events having occurred in the past or anticipated to occur at some point in the future are not readily available and their limitations are not well-understood or may be underreported.

The river ice working group will promote and advance our understanding of river ice impacts on hydrometric data collection and streamflow analysis through technical sessions, workshops, study, and development of improved winter field measurement and modeling tools and techniques.

This is a really interesting presentation by Ingrid Corson from Knight Piesold on stream gauging for the Pebble Creek Project in Alaska. If you think your measurements are tough have a look at this.