There were 3 NASH Sessions and a Panel discussion at the AWRA 2014 Conference:

Session 14 - NASH: Hydrometric Computations

Hamilton, Stuart - Building Reliable Rating Curves

Gonzalez-Castro, Juan - Progress in Uncertainty Calculation of Discharges Through Hydraulic Structures

Holmes, Robert - Dealing with Loops in Rating Curves

Kiang, Julie - Daily Flow Estimation in Ungaged Basins

Session 20 - NASH: Hydrometric Techniques and Methods

Oberg, Kevin - The Importance of Testing Hydroacoustic Instruments

Thibodeaux, Kirk - Inter-laboratory Comparison of Calibration Procedures for Acoustic Doppler Velocity Meters

Caponi, Claudio - WMO/IAHR/IAHS International Courses on Stream Gauging

Sentlinger, Gabe - Derivation, Uncertainty and Variance of the Calibration Factor Used in Salt Dilution Flow Measurements

Session 26 - NASH: Hydrometric Uncertainty

Fulford, Janice - World Meteorological Organization's Project X

Sentlinger, Gabe - Quantifying and Controlling Uncertainty in Salt Dilution Flow Measurements

Mueller, David - Improving the Quality and Efficiency of ADCP Streamflow Measurements

Cohn, Tim - Quantifying the Uncertainty in Discharge Estiimates

Session 32 - NASH: Discharge Measurements: Needs for Improving the Estimate of Measurement Uncertainty

Moderator: Janice Fulford
Panelists: Frank Weber, Juan Gonzalez, Kevin Oberg, Brian Wahlin